Speaker Series - Magnetization Transfer Imaging: From macromolecules to myelin

The MGH MRI Research Platform is inviting you to its Speaker Series!

We have organized presentations on various topics related to magnetic resonance imaging. Every first Monday of the month, we invite you to come and listen to a lunchtime presentation.

The talk will be on The Fundamentals of Magnetization Transfer imaging

When: December 12, 2022

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Where: Montreal General Hospital, L7.140 (BRaIN Program conference room)


Our speaker is Christopher Rowley, PhD.

Christopher Rowley is a post doctoral researcher at the McConnell Brain Imaging Center at the Neuro at McGill University. He completed his BSc in Medical Physics and his PhD in Neuroscience, both at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. His doctoral work with Dr. Nicholas Bock centered around characterizing the cortical microstructure of the brain using MRI. His post doctoral work in the labs of Drs. Christine Tardif and Bruce Pike has focused on developing more specific MR measures for brain myelination, with his most recent work on optimizing inhomogeneous magnetization transfer imaging.  


Magnetization transfer (MT) imaging consists of a category of MRI techniques that are used to indirectly probe the macromolecular content of the brain. These techniques are used widely in the research community to study and characterize the pathological trajectory of many neurological conditions in the brain. This talk will provide an overview of the MT techniques that are commonly used to probe macromolecular content, as well as the biological underpinnings of the acquired image contrast. He will highlight how biophysical modelling can be used to derive more quantitative metrics from a series of acquired MT-weighted images. Finally, he will present how these models can be exploited to derive more myelin-specific biomarkers, such as inhomogeneous magnetization transfer imaging (ihMT).  

Since the capacity of the room is limited, we are asking you to RSVP to attend the conference.

A videoconference option may be offered if we have enough requests (see RSVP). 

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