Speaker Series - The Fundamentals of diffusion MRI

The MGH MRI Research Platform is inviting you to the very first talk of its Speaker Series!

We have organized presentations on various topics related to magnetic resonance imaging. Every first Monday of the month, we invite you to come and listen to a lunchtime presentation.

The first talk will be on The Fundamentals of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging

When: Monday November 7, 2022
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Where: In person, in MGH L7.140 (BRaIN Program conference room)

Our first speaker is Jennifer Campbell, PhD.

Jennifer Campbell is a research associate at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre of the Montreal Neurological Institute, where she works for its former director, Dr. Bruce Pike, who is now based at the University of Calgary. She received an honours bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics at Queen's University before coming to McGill University to complete a master's degree in medical physics and a PhD in biomedical engineering.

Her research has covered diffusion MRI acquisition, tractography, and combining diffusion MRI with other MRI contrasts to improve specificity to neuronal microstructural detail such as intercompartmental volume fractions and relative myelin thickness.


This talk will begin with a description of what diffusion is and how it can be harnessed as an MRI contrast to obtain information about tissue structure. The diverse applications of this contrast mechanism will be briefly reviewed, including clinical applications and the study of disease and healthy tissue. The talk will then focus on how diffusion contrast is generated with MRI and specific MRI techniques and challenges.

Since this is the first talk and with the limited capacity of the room, we are asking you to RSVP to attend the conference.

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