BOLDscreen 32

BOLDscreen 32

MR Safe LCD display*


BOLDscreen can provide the superior image quality necessary for vision research: high contrast, high resolution visual stimuli. It has no time lag, integrated calibration and, no interference with the scanner.


Display Characteristics

  • IPS LCD: 31.55" diagonal, 1920 x 1080, RGB colour with fixed 120Hz frame rate
  • Active area: 698.4mm x 392.9mm (0.36375mm pixel pitch)
  • Native 10-bit colour resolution with support for up to 16-bit RGB control; Deep Colour display technology supports in excess of 1 billion colours
  • Light output is synchronous to the input video signal
  • Digital video input delivers high fidelity noise-free displays
  • Edge illuminated white LED backlight, peak white up to 350cd.m-2
  • Typical contrast ratio 1400:1
  • Typical grey-to-grey response time 5ms
  • DC backlight
  • Automatic compensation of brightness for temperature and aging (factory set to maintain 120cd m-2)
  • Native video input: 1920x1080 pixels @ 120Hz; 24-bit RGB.
  • Native video resolutions: 1920x1080.


*BOLDScreen32 (


29 June 2020


Peripheral equipments


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