Head/Neck 64-ch

Head/Neck 64-ch


Specially designed to enable highest SNR, large FoV head/neck imaging together with maximal user flexibility and subject comfort.

The Head/Neck 64, with its anthropomorphic geometry, accommodates a large variety of patients while providing highest SNR for extreme iPAT performance. With full coverage of the head and neck and seamless integration with the spine and body coils.


Features & Benefits 

  • High SNR to reveal the smallest details

  • Open, accessible design to facilitate fMRI visual stimulation and eye tracking experiments

  • Rear port for EEG cables for simultaneous EEG/MR imaging for up to 128 electrodes


Siemens 64-channel head neck coil (www.siemens-healthineers.com)


29 June 2020


Siemens Coils


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