MR-Compatible Response Devices

MR-Compatible Response Devices

Current Designs 932 Interface

The opto-electronic interface receives optical signals from the handheld devices in the MR suite, and converts them into electronic signals for the computer. 

  • A bright OLED display guides the user through available mode choices - simplifies setup
  • Automatic handheld device identification - speeds up setup
  • Optical triggering - no need to have an optical-TTL converter
  •  Faster everything - better timing, improved responsiveness
  • 32 channels with automatic gain adjustment and response device identification
  • Button states and triggers are indicated with LEDs (for up to 10 buttons)
  • The primary output for most users is the full speed USB output which simplifies interfacing to any hardware or program
  • The multi-function MDR connector provides RS-232 serial and TTL parallel outputs and is also available for special interfacing needs including support of older programs and computers.


2 Button Blue Yellow Button Box

Current Designs' fMRI response pad is the perfect choice for computer response tasks used in the human brain mapping project. It is non-magnetic, non-electronic, and entirely made out of plastic, so will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns in the MR/MEG room or similarly demanding environments. 



Five Button Fiber Optic Response Pad for computer research tasks in fMRI.



Joystick Fiber Optic Response Pad for computer research tasks in fMRI.

  • Two axis shaft encoder control
  • Angular range: 30 degrees (+/-15 degrees).
  • A wide variety of serial and USB outputs are available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers for high speed and demanding applications
  • Two 1 in. (2.5 cm) long levers on grip for thumb and trigger buttons.


Trackball 2

Trackball Fiber Optic Response Pad for computer research tasks in fMRI.

  • Two axis encoder control
  • Two (2) side buttons
  • Special calibration mode for the trackball


Grip Force

Force Fiber Optic Response Pad used in fMRI.

  • Machined black enclosure with protruding force bar which moves in when gripped to produce a roughly linear force measurement output based on the pressure applied, with a range of 25N, 50N, 75N, 100N, 300N, or 500N (specified at time of order)
  • Wide variety of outputs available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, including several USB and Serial modes
  • Active light levels for handheld identification and gain adjustment


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2 Button Blue Yellow Button Box (

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03 July 2020


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