MR-Compatible ANC Headphone and Microphone

MR-Compatible ANC Headphone and Microphone

OptoACTIVE Ultra Slim Active Noise Cancelling Headphone and Microphone


OptoACTIVE™ provides the highest level of noise reduction available in MRI-safe headphones, and is the only communications system to use real-time algorithmic, active harmonic noise cancelling, as well as Optoacoustics’ proprietary passive noise reduction techniques, to reduce 95 percent of MR EPI main gradient resonance for the subject.

  • Safely cancels EPI main gradient noise.
  • Unsurpassed sound clarity
  • Quiet two-way communication during a scan
  • Records sound as subject hears it
  • Self-calibrating with SPL monitoring in real time
  • Enables use of high fidelity audio stimuli
  • Instant control over performance with digital touch display
  • Concurrent multiple audio inputs, including TTL




03 July 2020


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